Thesis or Dissertation A cautionary tale: neoliberal discourse and the pedagogic function of the mediated Lost Japan narrative during the financial crisis
クンワ:ケイザイ キキ デ ツカワレタ ベイコク メディア ノ ロスト・ジャパン(マヨイコンダ ニホン)セツワ ノ キョウイク キノウ ト シン ジユウ シュギ ノ ディスコース

Bonnah, Theodore  ,  バナ, セオドア

A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Lost Japan narrative in US economic journalism during the financial crisis. The corpus analysis revealed the cautionary tale structure of the narrative, which has a strong pedagogic function. This narrative deflected criticism of Neoliberal Discourse, promoted a back to business as usual discourse, and reimposed capitalist subjectification of Americans based on comparison with a Japanese Other. Conclusions include the necessity of questioning both economic 'analytical narratives' and the media practices leading to cut-paste journalism, as well as the need for inclusion of new critical voices and finer narrative concepts in the CDA framework.

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