Thesis or Dissertation 植民地朝鮮における日本基督教会に関する研究
ショクミンチ チョウセン ニオケル ニホン キリスト キョウカイ ニカンスル ケンキュウ
A research on the Church of Christ in Japan in colonial Korea

李, 元重  ,  リ, ウォンジュン  ,  Lee, Wonjung

Church of Christ in Japan began their ministry among the Japanese colonzer at Korea in 1904. They could build up Chosen Presbytery in 1915 and continue their work until 1941, when were united to United Church of Christ in Japan Chosen Parish. They had about 16 churches and 2000 members. With a few exceptions, they could not either evangelize among the Koreans or work as neighbors of Koreans. They could not be more than church of colonizers in most cases. After the war they had to retreat from liberated Korea but the chapels that they had left could become the ground for rebuilding or starting some Korean churches.

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