Thesis or Dissertation Democracy, land conflict and governance in Indonesia : a case study of land conflict in Lampung Province (2010-2012)
インドネシアにおける民主主義、土地紛争そしてガバナンス : Lampung州における土地紛争問題(2010~2012年)を事例に
インドネシア ニオケル ミンシュ シュギ、トチ フンソウ ソシテ ガバナンス : Lampungシュウ ニオケル トチ フンソウ モンダイ(2010~2012ネン)オ ジレイ ニ
インドネシアにおける民主主義土地紛争そしてガバナンス : Lampung州における土地紛争問題2010~2012年を事例に

Susan, Novri  ,  スーサン, ノヴリ

Land conflicts have escalated and become widespread throughout Indonesia during the democratic era as democracy has opened political space for social movements and protests on land issues. This study mainly focuses on an analysis of governance in Indonesian land conflict. The main question in the analysis of governance and land conflict in Indonesia is: How has land conflict been managed under the governance during the democratic era in Indonesia? In seeking an answer, this research has taken a case study of land conflict, which developed to a national concern during 2010-2012 in Mesuji, Lampung Province, through qualitative sociological research.

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