Thesis or Dissertation アメリカのテレビドラマにおけるアジア系女性像 : 1970年代から2000年代の関係性の変遷を中心に

俣野, 裕美  ,  マタノ, ユミ  ,  Matano, Yumi

This dissertation examines how US television series represented Asian women from the 1970s to the 2000s. By focusing on the relationships of Asian women with other characters, it analyzes why representational transitions occurred in relation to the socio-cultural context of each program. In the 1970s, Asian women's relationship with other characters reflected and even seemed to support the existing social hegemonic structure. In the 2000s, “Asian” roles remained underprivileged, but they demonstrated more autonomy in their relationships with others. In the last chapter, I introduce the history of Asian American media organizations, one of the factors that brought about these transitions over the years.

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