Thesis or Dissertation 地域福祉の開発実践と基盤のマネジメント : 社会福祉協議会の実践研究から
チイキ フクシ ノ カイハツ ジッセン ト キバン ノ マネジメント : シャカイ フクシ キョウギカイ ノ ジッセン ケンキュウ カラ
Developmental practices of community-based welfare with reference to the management of its fundamental components : from a praxis study on Social Welfare Councils

藤井, 博志  ,  フジイ, ヒロシ  ,  Fujii, Hiroshi

This aim of this dissertation is aims to clarify fundamental components of developmental practices as a preliminary research to systematize community-based welfare practices. Long-term participatory observation at a social welfare council was the methodology applied is the long-term participatory observation at one social welfare council. As the result, The results reveal that the management as a community-based entity is inevitable to makeinevitably facilitates the implementation of developmental practices possible. From suchBased on the results, this dissertation proposes that the management to should be put conferred more importance onto asto effectively enact community-based welfare practices.

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