Thesis or Dissertation 近代日本キリスト教の平和思想とその継承問題に関する研究 : 内村鑑三と矢内原忠雄を中心に
キンダイ ニホン キリストキョウ ノ ヘイワ シソウ ト ソノ ケイショウ モンダイ ニカンスル ケンキュウ : ウチムラ カンゾウ ト ヤナイハラ タダオ オ チュウシン ニ
A study on peace thought and its succession of modern Japaneses christianity : focusing on Uchimura Kanzo and Yanaihara Tadao

朴, 銀瑛  ,  バク, ウンヨン  ,  パク, ウンヨン  ,  Park, Eunyoung

In this paper, I tried to clarify the peaceful thought of Uchimura Kanzo who is referred to as a model of peace thought in modern Japan and Yanaihara Tadao who succeeded to Uchimura's thought thoroughly. They acted out of religious conviction. And that means they lived under their "freedom of conscience" which is predicated upon the Christian faith. As a result, they criticized the reality of war and national policy and kept their universal ethics through the power of religion during their lifetime.

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