Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域支援人材の現状と課題に関する一考察
チイキ シエン ジンザイ ノ ゲンジョウ ト カダイ ニカンスル イチコウサツ
The current situation and problems of community-coordinator
A study of current conditions and issues of community regeneration workers

東根, ちよ  ,  ヒガシネ, チヨ  ,  Higashine, Chiyo

5pp.67 - 83 , 2016-03-10 , 同志社大学政策学部・総合政策科学研究科政策学会 , Transcription: ドウシシャ ダイガク セイサク ガクブ・ソウゴウ セイサク カガク ケンキュウカ セイサク ガッカイ
While human resources are lacking in local communities both in terms of quantity and quality, the activities of business-minded community regeneration workers from the outside are getting more active. This article studies the activities of community regeneration workers in depopulated and mountainous areas and town managers in inner cities and discusses issues for future researches.

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