Departmental Bulletin Paper ジャーナリスト訓練評議会の誕生 : 1950年代におけるイギリスの選択
ジャーナリスト クンレン ヒョウギカイ ノ タンジョウ : 1950ネンダイ ニオケル イギリス ノ センタク
The birth of the National Council for the training of journalists : the UK's chosen approach in the 1950s

河崎, 吉紀  ,  カワサキ, ヨシノリ  ,  Kawasaki, Yoshinori

(114)  , pp.1 - 18 , 2015-09-30 , 同志社大学社会学会 , Transcription:ドウシシャ ダイガク シャカイ ガッカイ , Alternative:The Association of Social Studies, Doshisha University
The University of London’s Diploma for Journalism was available up until World War II, after which it was not resumed. However, the Kemsley Editorial Plan, which emphasized office training over general university education, was initiated in 1947. Additionally, the Newspaper Society requested that the National Union of Journalists and the Institute of Journalists form a committee to design a training scheme that covered the entire newspaper industry. However, as a result of a disagreement relating to the right of recruitment between labor and management, the negotiations collapsed, suspending the scheme. A 1949 recommendation from the Royal Commission on the Press broke this deadlock. Consequently, the National Advisory Council for the Training and Education of Junior Journalists was launched in 1952 and, in 1955, was renamed the National Council for the Training of Journalists, which remains its present title.

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