Thesis or Dissertation アメリカ環境法における救済法理
アメリカ カンキョウ ホウ ニオケル キュウサイ ホウリ
アメリカ カンキョウホウ ニ オケル キュウサイ ホウリ
Study on the remedies of U.S. environmental law

村越(米谷), 壽代  ,  ムラコシ(マイタニ), ヒサヨ  ,  Murakoshi (Maitani), Hisayo  ,  村越, 壽代  ,  米谷, 壽代

This research examined the remedies of U.S. environmental law after 1970s. While their legal systems are quite different, the argument in U.S. could be helpful that of Japanese. The focus point of research is on the ground of citizen suits provisions and on the case when the plaintiff made consent decree. Environmental land use regulations and taking clause matter were also examined in this context since the private property rights is a crucial factor for environmental regulations to protect environmental injury.

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