Thesis or Dissertation 乳幼児期におけるふりの発達に関する検討 : 母親の働きかけから子ども主体のふりの確立へ

伴, 碧  ,  バン, ミドリ  ,  Ban, Midori

Pretend play, or make-believe play, is important for child development. However, the development of mother-child pretend play in the toddler years has not been clear. Through this study, we aimed to examine the development of mother-child pretend play in the toddler years. Participants were 18-, 24-, and 30-month-olds and their mothers. We observed these 3 groups in a mother-child pretend-play session. Results indicated that 18- and 24-month-olds need their mothers to exhibit pretense signals. However, 30-month-olds do not need this. In sum, pretend play in the toddler years develops from the stage where the mother's pretense signals are necessary to that where the child becomes independent.

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