Thesis or Dissertation Study on the effects of matrix properties on the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced plastic composites
タンソ センイ キョウカ フクゴウ ザイリョウ ノ キカイ トクセイ ニ オヨボス ボザイ トクセイ ノ エイキョウ ニカンスル ケンキュウ

邵, 永正  ,  ショウ, エイセイ  ,  Shao, Yongzheng

It was found that a significant improvement of mechanical properties of CFRPs can be achieved by the adjustment of the matrix properties such as toughness and CF/matrix adhesion via the chemical modification, as well as the physical modification by a small amount of cheap and environment-friendly nano fibers. Based on investigation of fracture mechanisms at macro/micro scale, the effects of matrix properties and nano fiber on the mechanical properties of CFRP have been discussed. Subsequently, the relationship has been characterized by a numerical model to show how to modulate the parameters of the matrix properties to achieve excellent fatigue properties of CFRP.

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