Thesis or Dissertation Mechanical and corrosion properties of ultrafine-grained low C, N Fe-20%Cr steel produced by equal channel angular pressing
ECAP法により作製した超微細結晶組織を有する極低C, N Fe-20%Cr 合金の機械的性質と耐食性
ECAPホウ ニヨリ サクセイシタ チョウビサイ ケッショウ ソシキ オ ユウスル キョクテイC, N Fe-20%Cr ゴウキン ノ キカイテキ セイシツ ト タイショクセイ

Rifai, Muhammad  ,  リファイ, ムハマド

Equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) is one of the severe plastic deformation (SPD) to produce ultra-fine grain (UFG) material, and its principle and microstructural developments. The majority of papers on SPD materials have been devoted to the face centered cubic (FCC) structure materials such as Al, Cu and Ni. The UFG of high alloy ECAP processing has been difficult up to now, but we were successful in this study. Fe-20%Cr steel with extremely low C and N has different slip behavior from the FCC. The mechanical properties and corrosion resistance were investigated in term microstructural evolution during ECAP processing.

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