Thesis or Dissertation A study on impedance measurement of small-capacitance circuit using transient waveforms
カト ハケイ オ モチイタ ビショウ ヨウリョウ カラ ナル カイロ インピーダンス ソクテイホウ ノ イチケンキュウ

Permata, Diah  ,  パルマタ, ディア

A measurement method of small-capacitance using transient waveforms is proposed in this thesis. A pi-circuit is used to express the stray capacitors between terminals and those from each terminal to ground. Two measuring modes, differential and common modes, are required to obtain the parameters of the circuit. The parameters are determined by transient current waveforms of the modes with an applied voltage, i.e., the open circuited voltage at the end of the current injection cable. The parameters of the pi-type circuit are obtained from a slope of the transient current waveforms or a waveform fitting by a nonlinear method. These methods enable the derivation without a voltage measurement by a probe connecting across the small capacitance, since the parasitic capacitance of the voltage probe obscures the small capacitance.

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