Thesis or Dissertation 復職支援におけるマインドフルネス・トレーニングの有効性について : 効果指標の作成および信頼性・妥当性の検討
フクショク シエン ニオケル マインドフルネス・トレーニング ノ ユウコウセイ ニツイテ : コウカ シヒョウ ノ サクセイ オヨビ シンライセイ・ダトウセイ ノ ケントウ
復職支援におけるマインドフルネストレーニングの有効性について : 効果指標の作成および信頼性妥当性の検討
An effect of mindfulness-training at return to work : a study for reliability and validity of the mindlessness scale

中川(井上), 裕美  ,  ナカガワ(イノウエ), ヒロミ  ,  中川, 裕美  ,  井上, 裕美  ,  Nakagawa-Inoue, Hiromi

The purpose of this paper is to test the reliability and validity of the Mindlessness Scale. The first survey was conducted to examine the factorial and construct validity of the Mindlessness scale. Results suggested that the Mindlessness Scale consists of the three-factor structure: self-judgment, suppression of describing, and non-awareness. The second survey was conducted to test whether the Mindlessness scale obtain more sensitive measurements of therapeutic effects for patients having mood disorders by mindfulness trainings than the Mindfulness scales. Results suggested that the validity could not be determined for the Mindlessness Scale more than the Mindfulness scales, and that additional research is needed.

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