Thesis or Dissertation インド家電市場における多国籍企業の競争戦略 : LG電子インド法人の現地化とグローバル統合化戦略の実証研究
インド カデン シジョウ ニオケル タコクセキ キギョウ ノ キョウソウ センリャク : LG デンシ インド ホウジン ノ ゲンチカ ト グローバル トウゴウカ センリャク ノ ジッショウ ケンキュウ
Competitive strategies of multinational corporations in the India consumer electronics market : experimental study on localization and global integration strategy of LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

洪, 性奉  ,  ホン, ソンボン  ,  Hong, Seongbong

In this paper I have taken up the India consumer electronics market, which has achieved rapid growth, and theoretically and empirically examined the competitive strategies of multinational corporations, which have advanced into said market from the point of view of multinational corporation theory. I have expounded upon various strategic activities centrally including the market entry strategy conducted by LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. The localization and global integration strategies of multinational corporations include many multidimensional factors, and I have established the implication that it is necessary to establish the level of localization to fit the environmental factors of the country in question as well as the features of the industry and state of the company.

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