Thesis or Dissertation 初期ユダヤ教と原始キリスト教団における解釈と受容 : 「霊」と「天使」の概念の変遷を辿る
ショキ ユダヤキョウ ト ゲンシ キリスト キョウダン ニオケル カイシャク ト ジュヨウ : 「レイ」ト「テンシ」ノ ガイネン ノ ヘンセン オ タドル
初期ユダヤ教と原始キリスト教団における解釈と受容 : 霊と天使の概念の変遷を辿る
Interpretations and receptions in early Judaism and early Christianity : tracing a history of concepts of “spirit” and “angel”

大澤, 香  ,  オオザワ, カオリ  ,  Ozawa, Kaori

It can be inferred that early Christianity, which began as a sect of early Judaism, inherited characteristics of early Judaism, such as Scriptural interpretations of concepts such as spirits and angels, the pursuit of piety, a tendency towards internalization, and literary techniques. However, receptions of Scripture by Paul and Luke shows that each concluded that Gentiles were included in those who can receive God’s word, and that this belief was the “turning point” at which Christianity began to diverge from Judaism.

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