Journal Article Prognostic analysis of patients who underwent gross total resection of newly diagnosed glioblastoma

Matsuda, Masahide  ,  Kohzuki, Hidehiro  ,  Ishikawa, Eiichi  ,  Yamamoto, Tetsuya  ,  Akutsu, Hiroyoshi  ,  Takano, Shingo  ,  Mizumoto, Masashi  ,  Tsuboi, Koji  ,  Matsumura, Akira

50pp.172 - 176 , 2018-05 , Elsevier
Despite cumulative evidence supporting the idea that gross total resection (GTR) contributes to prolonged survival of patients with glioblastoma (GBM), the survival outcome of such patients remains unsatisfactory. To develop more effective postoperative therapeutic strategies for patients who underwent GTR, identification of prognostic factors influencing survival is urgently needed. Here we retrospectively analyzed prognostic factors for patients who underwent GTR of newly diagnosed GBM, with a particular focus on the influence of the subventricular zone (SVZ) as the tumor location. Forty-eight consecutive patients with newly diagnosed GBM who underwent GTR during the initial operation were investigated. Tumor involvement of the SVZ was significantly associated with overall survival (OS). The SVZ-positive group had a significantly shorter median OS of 12.2 months, compared to 34.9 months for the SVZ-negative group. The occurrence of leptomeningeal dissemination was significantly influenced by tumor involvement of the SVZ, but was not significantly influenced by ventricular opening during surgery. We observed a statistically significant difference in OS according to radiation modality. The median OS was 36.9 months for patients treated with high-dose proton beam therapy, compared with 26.2 months for patients treated with conventional radiotherapy. We demonstrated that tumor involvement of the SVZ was associated with poor survival of patients who underwent GTR of newly diagnosed GBM, suggesting the potential need for therapeutic strategies that specifically target tumors in the SVZ. Further prospective studies to evaluate whether radiotherapy targeting the SVZ improves survival of patients with tumor involvement of the SVZ who had undergone GTR are warranted.

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