Journal Article p-BaSi2/n-Si heterojunction solar cells on Si(001) with conversion efficiency approaching 10%: comparison with Si(111)

Deng, Tianguo  ,  Sato, Takuma  ,  Xu, Zhihao  ,  Takabe, Ryota  ,  Yachi, Suguru  ,  Yamashita, Yudai  ,  Toko, Kaoru  ,  Suemasu, Takashi

11 ( 6 )  , p.062301 , 2018-06 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics
B-doped p-BaSi2 epitaxial layers with a hole concentration of 1.1 × 1018 cm−3 were grown on n-Si(001) using molecular beam epitaxy to fabricate p-BaSi2/n-Si solar cells. The thickness (d) of the p-BaSi2 layer was varied from 20 to 60 nm to investigate its effect on the solar cell performance. The conversion efficiency under an AM1.5 illumination increased with d reaching a maximum of 9.8% at d = 40 nm, which is nearly equal to the highest efficiency (9.9%) for p-BaSi2/n-Si solar cells on Si(111). This study indicated that Si(001) substrates are promising for use in BaSi2 solar cells.

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