Departmental Bulletin Paper 警察官の惨事ストレスに関する研究の動向
Research on critical incident stress of police officers: A literature review

藤代, 富広  ,  松井, 豊

55pp.27 - 37 , 2018-02-28 , Division of Physhology, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba , 筑波大学人間系心理学域
The purpose of this article is to overview of research on critical incident stress of police officers. Based on prior resrach, we discuss four perspectives. (1)The possibility of probable PTSD prevalence among police officers who engaged in disaster relief is 10%. (2)Police officers who angaged in disaster relief cannot recover their critical incident stress spontaneously over time. (3)There are few studies on critical incident stress of Japanese police officers. (4)There are few researches on organaizational measures to the critical inscident stress of police officers. Further research in this area should investigate the critical incident stress of police officers in various disasters and accumulate knowledge to promote care for police officers from critical incident stress.

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