Departmental Bulletin Paper 旧松山藩士雨森家所蔵書について
About collection held by the Amenomori family of the former Matsuyama Domain

田中, 鞠衣  ,  綿抜, 豊昭

15 ( 2 )  , pp.41 - 46 , 2018-03-31 , Editional Board of "Library, Information and Media Studies" , 「図書館情報メディア研究」編集委員会
The books ancestral collection of sixty volumes was donated by Ms. Kazuko Maeda. These books will be received by University of Tsukuba Library. This research made it clear what kind of these books is. Although the donated books include three printed books published in modern times, most of these had been published in the Edo period. And these books consist of forty-nine manuscripts including fragmentary leaves (dankan), and eleven printed books. Judging from its contents, the donated books can be roughly classified into three groups, such as thirty-seven books of manners, five volumes of scroll (kansubon) on martial arts and eighteen other books, held by the Amenomori family of the Bicchu-matsuyama Domain which is the ancestor of Maeda clan. Among these books, notable materials are books of manners. Motegi Amenomori (?-August 17, 1895) appeared in these materials was not only a feudal retainer of Matsuyama Domain with a stipend of eighty koku, but also a master of "Ogasawara-School of Etiquette". From around the second or third year of Kaei (1849 or 1850) to around the first year of Ansei (1854), he had lived in Ishibiyacho (Okayama Prefecture) of the castle town of the Matsuyama clan. It is considered that he instructed "Ogasawara-School of Etiquette" in there. The donated materials has clarified the books of "Ogasawara-School of Etiquette" had been handed down in the Matsuyama clan at the end of the Edo period. The donated books can be recognized as valuable materials of manners education in the Matsuyama clan, which hadn't been clarified specific contents until now.

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