Departmental Bulletin Paper Interactive Listening Strategy Instruction for Japanese Beginner Level Learners of a Foreign Language


40pp.3 - 21 , 2018-03-31 , Center for Education of Global Communication Foreign Language Education Division, University of Tsukuba , 筑波大学グローバルコミュニケーション教育センター外国語教育部門
This pedagogical essay on foreign language classroom pragmatics argues for jumpstarting the exploration of a foreign language by embedding Oral Communication Strategies (OCS) into the curriculum from the very first class. The focus here is on explicit instruction of Interactive Listening Strategies (ILS) to boost Communicative Competence (CC). Japanese learners often resort to avoidance behaviors in Foreign Language (FL) interaction if they are not otherwise instructed to consciously and appropriately respond with adequate strategies. After defining what ILS are, a set of task-based activities which stage these specific strategies will be described for FL classroom use.

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