Journal Article Ca2+-permeable mechanosensitive channels MCA1 and MCA2 mediate cold-induced cytosolic Ca2+ increase and cold tolerance in Arabidopsis

Mori, Kendo  ,  Renhu, Na  ,  Naito, Maho  ,  Nakamura, Aki  ,  Shiba, Hayato  ,  Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi  ,  Suzaki, Takuya  ,  Iida, Hidetoshi  ,  Miura, Kenji

8p.550 , 2018-11 , Nature Publishing Group
Cold shock triggers an immediate rise in the cytosolic free calcium concentration ([Ca2+]cyt) in Arabidopsis thaliana and this cold-induced elevation of [Ca2+]cyt is inhibited by lanthanum or EGTA. It is suggested that intracellular calcium mainly contributes to the cold-induced [Ca2+]cyt response by entering into the cytosol. Two calcium-permeable mechanosensitive channels, MCA1 and MCA2 (mid1-complementing activity), have been identified in Arabidopsis. Here, we demonstrate that MCA1 and MCA2 are involved in a cold-induced increase in [Ca2+]cyt. The cold-induced [Ca2+]cyt increase in mca1 and mca2 mutants was markedly lower than that in wild types. The mca1 mca2 double mutant exhibited chilling and freezing sensitivity, compared to wild-type plants. Expression of At5g61820, At3g51660, and At4g15490, which are not regulated by the CBF/DREB1s transcription factor, was down-regulated in mca1 mca2. These results suggest that MCA1 and MCA2 are involved in the cold-induced elevation of [Ca2+]cyt, cold tolerance, and CBF/DREB1-independent cold signaling.

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