Journal Article Integrated cosmic muon flux in the zenith angle range $0 < \text{cos}\theta < 0.37$ for momentum threshold up to 11.6 GeV/c

Fujii, Hirofumi  ,  Hara, Kazuhiko  ,  Hayashi, Kohei  ,  Kakuno, Hidekazu  ,  Kodama, Hideyo  ,  Nagamine, Kanetada  ,  Sato, Kazuyuki  ,  Sato, Kotaro  ,  Kim, Shin-Hong  ,  Suzuki, Atsuto  ,  Takahashi, Kazuki  ,  Takasaki, Fumihiko

2017 ( 12 )  , p.123C01 , 2017-12 , Oxford University Press
We have measured the cosmic muon flux in the zenith angle range<cosθ<0.37 with a detector comprising planes of scintillator hodoscope bars and iron blocks inserted between them. The muon ranges for up to 9.5 m-thick iron blocks allow the provision of muon flux data integrated over corresponding threshold momenta up to 11.6 GeV/c. Such a dataset covering the horizontal direction is extremely useful for a technique called muon radiography, where the mass distribution inside a large object is investigated from the cosmic muon distribution measured behind the object.

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