Journal Article Economic Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment System Based on Recovery Characteristics of Oil and Suspended Solids by Filtration

ANKYU, Eriko  ,  OTSUKA, Toshihiko  ,  NOGUCHI, Ryozo

96 ( 4 )  , pp.102 - 111 , 2017-04 , 一般社団法人日本エネルギー学会 , The Japan Institute of Energy
Filtration experiments were conducted using artificial wastewater at 20 °C and 60 °C to explain the relationship between the separation ability of oil-water separation equipment and the recovery rate of suspended solids (SS) recovery equipment for oil concentrations. Based on the characteristics of oil and SS explained by the filtration experiments, an economic evaluation method for a wastewater treatment system was proposed for two cases: using oil-water separation equipment without SS recovery equipment (single use) and using oil-water separation equipment with SS recovery equipment (combination use) using Separative Work Unit (SWU). The separation ability of oil-water separation equipment could determine the required recovery rate of SS recovery equipment. The SWU for combination use at 20 °C and 60 °C was higher than the SWU for single use. The SWU for combination use at 60 °C was higher than that at 20 °C. At 60 °C, combination use increased the SWU by 562 JPY/day (treatment amount 3,000 L/day) compared to single use, at 45% separation ability of the oil-water separation equipment according to the results of our filtration experiments.

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