Journal Article 腎移植後のE型肝炎の検討 : 4症例の経験

中川 , 由紀  ,  齋藤 , 和英  ,  池田 , 正博  ,  田崎 , 正行  ,  高橋 , 公太  ,  大和田, 洋平  ,  大城 , 幸雄  ,  大河内 , 信弘  ,  岡本 , 宏明  ,  冨田 , 善彦

52pp.390 - 396 , 2017-11 , 日本移植学会
Hepatitis E identified as a zoonosis with a natural reservoir in pigs.Hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection attracted close attention in Japan after the fatal case of a patient with hepatitis E was reported in 2002, and after that reports of clinical HEV infection had increased rapidly. Infection via blood transfusion leads to further increased medical concerns. Subclinical infection is the most common situation, and rare cases of HEV infection develop acute hepatitis, which results in complete recovery. There were no data on chronic hepatitis E until recently. However, in organ-transplanted patients receiving immunosuppression therapy chronicity is a possibility, and these patients need close attention.Here we report four cases that developed hepatitis E after kidney transplantation and were diagnosed in our institution. We investigated the potential route of HEV infection and present a detailed clinical course in our cases.

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