Journal Article Numerical investigations to suppress thermal deformation of the large deployable reflector during earth eclipse in space

Shoji, Kaori  ,  Isobe, Daigoro  ,  Usui, Motofumi

121 ( 1241 )  , pp.970 - 982 , 2017-07 , Cambridge University Press
In space, structures encounter various severe environments, including severe thermal conditions. The signal level of the radio wave from the Large Deployable Reflector (LDR) mounted on the Engineering Test Satellite-VIII (ETS-VIII) was observed to change during an Earth eclipse. This phenomenon was assumed to be caused by the thermal deformation of the LDR. Therefore, in this study, a means to suppress the thermal deformation is proposed and demonstrated by focusing on the internal force generated at the springs used to deploy the antenna. According to the numerical results obtained from finite element analyses, the thermal deformations at all apices that support the reflectors were suppressed at a high correction rate by adjusting the coefficients of thermal expansion in the structural members and by controlling spring forces differently in four areas depending on the distances from the constraint point.

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