Journal Article Reactively sintered porous MgAl2O4 for water-purification filter with controlled particle morphology

Kamato, Yoko  ,  Suzuki, Yoshikazu

43 ( 16 )  , pp.14090 - 14095 , 2017-11 , Elsevier
Porous MgAl2O4 filters were prepared by reactive sintering of a MgCO3 (basic) powder and 4-type Al2O3 source powders with different particle size and phases (α-Al2O3, fine and coarse boehmite AlOOH, and γ-Al2O3). The mixed powder compacts were reactively sintered in air at 1200, 1400 or 1600 °C for 2 h to obtain MgAl2O4. Single-phase porous MgAl2O4 was successfully obtained by the reactive sintering at 1400 and 1600 °C. From the SEM observation, the initial particle sizes of Al2O3 sources strongly affected the final microstructure of porous MgAl2O4, rather than the phases of Al2O3 sources. The porous MgAl2O4 filter made from fine boehmite source exhibited good performance to remove submicron-sized colloidal particles (simulating bacteria) from a suspension. Possibility of the thermal recovery of porous MgAl2O4 filter was demonstrated.

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