Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学図書館実態調査に見る大学図書館長の地位の変化 : 大学図書館ガバナンスの観点から
Changes in the status of university library director in the survey of university libraries : From the viewpoint of University Library Governance

村上, 孝弘

15 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 12 , 2017-09-30 , 「図書館情報メディア研究」編集委員会
This paper was discussed about the positioning of the university library director. University library director has been established an important position in the laws and regulations. However, in practice it did not become a member of the important institutions of the university. The important institutions, is that of the university council. For this reason, that the university library director is a member of the University Council, it has been a long debate. Discussion of the place is, library directors meeting of the National University was the center. Discussion was carried out through the 1950s. And, the importance of this is that, the Ministry of Education was also recognized. Therefore, the university library survey is started since 1966. University Library Survey is continued approximately 10 years, "director of the position" has risen to the numerically. But, then, the main challenge of the university library, become information technology. Therefore, the issues of "director of the position" is no longer so much consideration. And, currently, governance of the President has become the most important thing. However, in what the modern, for the transition of the governance of the university library length, it is necessary to re-consider.

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