Journal Article Polarization-Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomographic Documentation of Choroidal Melanin Loss in Chronic Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada Disease

Miura, Masahiro  ,  Makita, Shuichi  ,  Yasuno, Yoshiaki  ,  Tsukahara, Rintaro  ,  Usui, Yoshihiko  ,  Rao, Narsing A.  ,  Ikuno, Yasushi  ,  Uematsu, Sato  ,  Agawa, Tetsuya  ,  Iwasaki, Takuya  ,  Goto, Hiroshi

58 ( 11 )  , pp.4467 - 4476 , 2017-09 , Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Purpose: Vogt–Koyanagi–Harada (VKH) disease is a systemic autoimmune disorder that affects organs with melanocytes. The sunset glow fundus (SGF) in VKH disease was evaluated with polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT).Methods: The study involved 28 eyes from 14 patients with chronic VKH disease, 21 eyes from 21 age-matched controls, and 22 eyes from 22 high-myopic patients with a tessellated fundus. VKH eyes were grouped into sunset or non-sunset groups on the basis of color fundus images. The presence of melanin in the choroid was determined by using the degree of polarization uniformity (DOPU) obtained by PS-OCT. The sunset glow index (SGI) was calculated by using color fundus images. Presence of an SGF was evaluated by using DOPU, SGI, subfoveal choroidal thicknesses, near-infrared images, and autofluorescence images at 488 nm (SW-AF) and 785 nm (NIR-AF).Results: There were 16 eyes in the sunset group and 12 eyes in the non-sunset group. For all eyes in the sunset group, the disappearance of choroidal melanin was clearly detected with PS-OCT. Percentage areas of low DOPU in the choroidal interstitial stroma of the sunset group were significantly lower than those of other groups and showed no overlap with other groups. The distribution of choroidal thicknesses and SGI in the sunset group substantially overlapped with other groups. The subjective analyses of the sunset and non-sunset groups, using near infrared, SW-AF, or NIR-AF, showed substantial inconsistencies with the PS-OCT results.Conclusions: PS-OCT provides an in vivo objective evaluation of choroidal melanin loss of the SGF in chronic VKH disease.

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