Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生サークル集団への態度尺度の改訂および尺度構造の検討
Examination of revised scale of university club activities and the scale structure

高田, 治樹  ,  松井, 豊

(54)  , pp.51 - 62 , 2017-08-25 , 筑波大学人間系心理学域
In this study, the Scale of Attitudes Toward University Club Activities (Takada 2014) was revised and the reliability and validity of the scale was examined. Participations were university students. Of these students, 360 students participated in a cross-sectional study (Study 1) and 310 participated in a longitudinal study (Study 2). The results of confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the six-factor model comprised of "familiarity," "responsibility," "compromise," "rebellion," "separation," and "opportunism" was reliable. Confirmatory factor analysis using the longitudinal method confirmed the criterion-related validity and the stability of the six-factor structure. Moreover,the reliability,α and ω coefficients and test-retest reliability of the scale were confirmed. Furthermore,the results of principle component analysis suggested that the six aspects have a circumplex structure around the two orthogonal axes of Accept-Reject and Concerned-Unconcerned.

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