Departmental Bulletin Paper Negative and Positive Priming Effects on Global-Local Processing : Chinese Participants Respond to Navon Paradigm with Chinese Characters

Wang, Ziyan  ,  Harada, T. Etsuko

(54)  , pp.7 - 15 , 2017-08-25 , 筑波大学人間系心理学域
Referring to hierarchical visual stimuli consisting of global and local levels,Navon figures are often used within studies of global-local processing. Although previous studies have reported negative priming effects for sequentially presented Navon figures,the results vary across cultures. Western participants exhibit negative priming effects at the local level,while East Asian participants exhibit negative priming effects at the global level. ln contrast to the letters and numbers used in prior studies, the present study used Chinese characters,which possess internal structures of various local features, such as strokes and radicals, and, therefore, may further emphasize global processing. The results revealed a positive priming effect at the local level and a trend for negative priming at the global level. These results suggest that East Asians tend to process both larger contexts and the details,and, thus, only inhibit local, not global, levels of irrelevant information.

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