Journal Article Arf6 in lymphatic endothelial cells regulates lymphangiogenesis by controlling directional cell migration

Lin, Yueh-Chien  ,  Ohbayashi, Norihiko  ,  Hongu, Tsunaki  ,  Katagiri, Naohiro  ,  Funakoshi, Yuji  ,  Lee, Hsinyu  ,  Kanaho, Yasunori

7p.11431 , 2017-09 , Nature Publishing Group
The small GTPase Arf6 plays pivotal roles in a wide variety of cellular events such as endocytosis, exocytosis, and actin cytoskeleton reorganization. However, the physiological functions of Arf6 at the whole animal level have not yet been thoroughly understood. Here, we show that Arf6 regulates developmental and tumor lymphangiogenesis in mice. Lymphatic endothelial cell (LEC)-specific Arf6 conditional knockout (LEC-Arf6 cKO) mouse embryos exhibit severe skin edema and impairment in the formation of lymphatic vessel network at the mid-gestation stage. Knockdown of Arf6 in human LECs inhibits in vitro capillary tube formation and directed cell migration induced by vascular endothelial growth factor-C (VEGF-C) by inhibiting VEGF-C-induced internalization of β1 integrin. Finally, we found that LEC-Arf6 cKO mice transplanted with B16 melanoma cells attenuated tumor lymphangiogenesis and progression. Collectively, these results demonstrate that Arf6 in LECs plays a crucial role in physiological and pathological lymphangiogenesis.

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