Journal Article High-throughput powder diffraction measurement system consisting of multiple MYTHEN detectors at beamline BL02B2 of SPring-8

Kawaguchi, S.  ,  Takemoto, M.  ,  Osaka, K.  ,  Nishibori, E.  ,  Moriyoshi, C.  ,  Kubota, Y.  ,  Kuroiwa, Y.  ,  Sugimoto, K.

88 ( 8 )  , p.085111 , 2017-08 , American Institute of Physics
In this study, we developed a user-friendly automatic powder diffraction measurement system for Debye–Scherrer geometry using a capillary sample at beamline BL02B2 of SPring-8. The measurement system consists of six one-dimensional solid-state (MYTHEN) detectors, a compact auto-sampler, wide-range temperature control systems, and a gas handling system. This system enables to do the automatic measurement of temperature dependence of the diffraction patterns for multiple samples. We introduced two measurement modes in the MYTHEN system and developed new attachments for the sample environment such as a gas handling system. The measurement modes and the attachments can offer in situ and/or time-resolved measurements in an extended temperature range between 25 K and 1473 K and various gas atmospheres and pressures. The results of the commissioning and performance measurements using reference materials (NIST CeO2 674b and Si 640c), V2O3 and Ti2O3, and a nanoporous coordination polymer are presented.

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