Journal Article Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with adamantane-like cage structures consisting of phosphorus, sulfur, and carbon

Kutsumura, Noriki  ,  Ohshita, Ryuichiro  ,  Horiuchi, Jumpei  ,  Tateno, Kotaro  ,  Yamamoto, Naoshi  ,  Saitoh, Tsuyoshi  ,  Nagumo, Yasuyuki  ,  Kawai, Hidetoshi  ,  Nagase, Hiroshi

73 ( 34 )  , pp.5214 - 5219 , 2017-08 , Elsevier
The synthesis of novel adamantane-like cage compounds consisting of phosphorus, sulfur, and carbon atoms was developed. We examined the reaction of a variety of acetophenone derivatives with P4S10 in refluxing benzene. A novel noradamantane-like cage compound was also synthesized, when the reaction of 2’-methoxyacetophenone with P4S10 was performed in refluxing toluene. In addition, by using the adamantane-like cage compound, 4,4’-dimethoxybenzophenone and N,N-dimethylbenzamide were successfully transformed into the corresponding thioketone (98%) and benzothioamide (89%), respectively.

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