Journal Article Current status of tertiary debulking surgery and prognosis after secondary debulking surgery for recurrent Müllerian epithelial cancer in Japan: a retrospective analysis of 164 patients (KCOG-G1402)

Hirakawa, Tomoko  ,  Minaguchi, Takeo  ,  Itani, Yoshio  ,  Kasamatsu, Yuka  ,  Murase, Saki  ,  Sakurada, Shoko  ,  Nagano, Hiroaki  ,  Takehara, Kazuhiro  ,  Tsuruta, Tomohiko  ,  Arakawa, Atsushi  ,  Kawano, Kouichiro  ,  Tsubamoto, Hiroshi  ,  Ushiwaka, Takashi  ,  Mori, Taisuke  ,  Iwai, Kana  ,  Saito, Motoaki  ,  Morisawa, Hiroyuki  ,  Saito, Fumitaka  ,  Yoshida, Kenta  ,  Kaneuchi, Masanori  ,  Sato, Hiroki  ,  Ito, Kimihiko  ,  Nasu, Kaei

15p.132 , 2017-07 , BioMed Central Ltd.
BackgroundThis study aimed to evaluate the current status of secondary debulking surgery (SDS) and tertiary debulking surgery (TDS; performed for recurrence after SDS) and to assess the overall survival after recurrence of Müllerian epithelial cancer in Japan. We also evaluated the data of patients who underwent a fourth debulking surgery (i.e., quaternary debulking surgery (QDS)).
MethodsWe conducted a retrospective study of 164 patients with recurrent Müllerian epithelial cancers (i.e., ovarian, tubal, and peritoneal cancers). The SDS was performed between January 2000 and September 2014 in 20 Japanese hospitals. Clinicopathological data were collected and analyzed.
ResultsOf the 164 patients, 66 patients did not have a recurrence or died after SDS. Ninety-eight patients had a recurrence after SDS. Forty-three of the 98 patients underwent TDS; 55 of the 98 patients did not undergo TDS and were classified into the non-TDS group. The overall survival (OS) after SDS was significantly better in the TDS group than in the non-TDS group. The median OS after SDS was 123 and 42 months in the TDS group and non-TDS group, respectively. Of the 43 patients who received TDS, 11 patients were further treated with QDS. The median OS after SDS was 123 months for patients who underwent QDS.
ConclusionsThis multicenter study on the prognosis of post-SDS is apparently the first report on QDS in Japan. Patients undergoing TDS have a good prognosis, compared to patients in the non-TDS group. Novel drugs are being evaluated; however, debulking surgery remains a necessary treatment for recurrence.

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