Journal Article In-gas-cell laser spectroscopy of the magnetic dipole moment of the N≈126 isotope Pt199

Hirayama, Y.  ,  Mukai, M.  ,  Watanabe, Y. X.  ,  Ahmed, M.  ,  Jeong, S. C.  ,  Jung, H. S.  ,  Kakiguchi, Y.  ,  Kanaya, S.  ,  Kimura, S.  ,  Moon, J. Y.  ,  Nakatsukasa, T.  ,  Oyaizu, M.  ,  Park, J. H.  ,  Schury, P.  ,  Taniguchi, A.  ,  Wada, M.  ,  Washiyama, K.  ,  Watanabe, H.  ,  Miyatake, H.

96 ( 1 )  , p.14307 , 2017-07 , American Physical Society
The magnetic dipole moment and mean-square charge radius of 199gPt (Iπ= 5/2−,t1/2=30.8 min) ground state and 199mPt (Eex=424 keV, Iπ= (13/2)+,t1/2=13.6 s) isomeric state are evaluated for the first time from investigations of the hyperfine splitting of the λ1=248.792 nm transition by in-gas-cell laser ionization spectroscopy. Ground and isomeric states of neutron-rich 199Pt nucleus were produced by a multinucleon transfer reaction at the KEK Isotope Separation System (KISS), designed for the study of nuclear spectroscopy in the vicinity of N=126. The measured magnetic dipole moments +0.75(8)μN and −0.57(5)μN are consistent with the systematics of those of nuclei with Iπ= 5/2− and Iπ= 13/2+, respectively.

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