Journal Article Detection of on-surface objects with an underground radiography detector system using cosmic-ray muons

Fujii, Hirofumi  ,  Hara, Kazuhiko  ,  Hayashi, Kohei  ,  Kakuno, Hidekazu  ,  Kodama, Hideyo  ,  Nagamine, Kanetada  ,  Sato, Kazuyuki  ,  Sato, Kotaro  ,  Kim, Shin-Hong  ,  Suzuki, Atsuto  ,  Takahashi, Kazuki  ,  Takasaki, Fumihiko

2017 ( 5 )  , p.053C01 , 2017-05 , Oxford University Press
We have developed a compact muon radiography detector to investigate the status of the nuclear debris in the Fukushima Daiichi Reactors. Our previous observation showed that a large portion of the Unit-1 Reactor fuel had fallen to floor level. The detector must be located underground to further investigate the status of the fallen debris. To investigate the performance of muon radiography in such a situation, we observed 2 m cubic iron blocks located on the surface of the ground through different lengths of ground soil. The iron blocks were imaged and their corresponding iron density was derived successfully.

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