Journal Article Predictors of preferred location of care in middle-aged individuals of a municipality in Japan: a cross-sectional survey

Sugimoto, Kentaro  ,  Kashiwagi, Masayo  ,  Tamiya, Nanako

17p.352 , 2017-05 , BioMed Central
BackgroundJapan has the highest rate of aging. To contain Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance costs, the Japanese government is attempting to increase the proportion of individuals receiving home care services. However, demand for institutional care is increasing. These circumstances will decrease the sustainability of the LTC Insurance System. The objective of the present study was to identify predictors of the location of preference for LTC (home or a facility) in middle-aged individuals in a municipality.MethodsThis was a cross-sectional study of middle-aged individuals (n = 906) in Tsukuba, Japan. Data primarily included individual or social factors (sex, age, household size, experience with caring for family, information sources about social services or municipality policy), factors about care prevention (self-reported health, efforts to promote health, motivation in life), and the preferred location of care. These variables were analysed with multiple logistic regression, using preferred location of care as the dependent variable.ResultsA total of 693 respondents were analysed. Of these, 440 (63.5%) preferred home and 253 (36.5%) preferred a facility. The results of logistic regression analysis showed that a preference for facility was significantly associated with female sex, younger age, experience with caring for family, fewer information sources about social services or municipality policies, selecting ‘go to culture lessons/study to satisfy interests’, and not selecting ‘spending time happily with family’ under motivation in life.ConclusionsTo support the selection of receiving home care services, municipalities must consider improving policies that reduce the burdens of present middle-aged caregivers, and promote the provision of care service information from multiple sources.

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