Journal Article Formation of supramolecular hetero-triads by controlling the hydrogen bonding of conjugate bases with a diprotonated porphyrin based on electrostatic interaction

Suzuki, Wataru  ,  Kotani, Hiroaki  ,  Ishizuka, Tomoya  ,  Shiota, Yoshihito  ,  Yoshizawa, Kazunari  ,  Kojima, Takahiko

53 ( 47 )  , pp.6359 - 6362 , 2017-06 , The Royal Society of Chemistry
The thermodynamic stability of diprotonated saddle-distorted dodecaphenylporphyrin (H4DPP2+(X−)2) was controlled by the hydrogen-bonding strength of conjugate bases (X−) of strong acids (HX) or acids (R+-COOH) having positively charged moieties. The thermodynamic control of H4DPP2+(X−)2 made it possible to achieve selective formation of supramolecular hetero-triads, H4DPP2+(X−)(Cl−).

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