Journal Article Mass Transfer in Mesoporous Microparticles Studied by Confocal Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching

SATO, Tatsumi  ,  HATA, Katsuya  ,  NAKATANI, Kiyoharu

33 ( 5 )  , pp.647 - 650 , 2017-05 , The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
The intraparticle diffusion of a fluorescent dye in single microparticles in an aqueous solution was analyzed using fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, with a confocal fluorescence microscope. The fluorescence depth profile of single microparticles, and the fluorescence recovery at the particle center, were measured; further, the intraparticle diffusion coefficient was determined through simulations of three-dimensional diffusion in the respective microparticles. The intraparticle diffusion of coumarin 102 in octadecylsilyl silica gel was limited by the surface diffusion.

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