Conference Paper 〈分科会〉中央アジアのトーテム象徴と日本の民話や伝説の繋がり(第1分科会:「現代日本研究における研究方法の諸相」)

ジルキバエワ, シャラフアット

In this report, the author provides analysis of the meaning of Central Asian folk symbol “wolf” and its connection with the Japanese legends and tales. The Japanese legends and tales, including “wolf” totemic symbol, were translated by the author and were analyzed linguistically and literary. By publishing research works in Japonology more than ten years, the author has been researching Japanese legends and tales from all areas of the country and has been translating them from Japanese into Kazakh language. In this report, other Central Asian ancient symbols in the context of Japanese folklore were analyzed as well.
中央アジア諸国日本研究カンファレンス 日程:2017年2月18日-19日 会場:カザフ国立大学東洋学部棟(アルマティ、カザフスタン)

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