Journal Article Measurement of the W boson polarisation in tt¯ events from pp collisions at s√ = 8 TeV in the lepton + jets channel with ATLAS

ATLAS Collaboration  ,  Hara, K.  ,  Kim, S.H.  ,  Okawa, H.  ,  Sato, K.  ,  Ukegawa, F.

77 ( 4 )  , p.264 , 2017-04 , Springer
This paper presents a measurement of the polarisation of W bosons from tt¯ decays, reconstructed in events with one high-p T lepton and at least four jets. Data from pp collisions at the LHC were collected at s√ = 8 TeV and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 20.2 fb−1. The angle θ∗ between the b-quark from the top quark decay and a direct W boson decay product in the W boson rest frame is sensitive to the W boson polarisation. Two different W decay products are used as polarisation analysers: the charged lepton and the down-type quark for the leptonically and hadronically decaying W boson, respectively. The most precise measurement of the W boson polarisation via the distribution of cosθ∗ is obtained using the leptonic analyser and events in which at least two of the jets are tagged as b-quark jets. The fitted fractions of longitudinal, left- and right-handed polarisation states are F0= 0.709 ± 0.019, FL= 0.299 ± 0.015 and FR= −0.008 ± 0.014, and are the most precisely measured W boson polarisation fractions to date. Limits on anomalous couplings of the Wtb vertex are set.

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