Journal Article ϕ -Meson production at forward rapidity in p–Pb collisions at √SNN=5.02 TeV and in pp collisions at √s =2.76 TeV 

ALICE Collaboration  ,  Busch, O.  ,  Chujo, T.  ,  Esumi, S.  ,  Miake, Y.

768pp.203 - 217 , 2017-05 , Elsevier B.V.
The first study of ϕ -meson production in p–Pb collisions at forward and backward rapidity, at a nucleon–nucleon centre-of-mass energy View the MathML sourcesNN=5.02 TeV, has been performed with the ALICE apparatus at the LHC. The ϕ -mesons have been identified in the dimuon decay channel in the transverse momentum (pTpT) range 1<pT<7 GeV/c1<pT<7 GeV/c, both in the p-going (2.03<y<3.532.03<y<3.53) and the Pb-going (−4.46<y<−2.96−4.46<y<−2.96) directions — where y stands for the rapidity in the nucleon–nucleon centre-of-mass — the integrated luminosity amounting to 5.01±0.19 nb−15.01±0.19 nb−1 and 5.81±0.20 nb−15.81±0.20 nb−1, respectively, for the two data samples. Differential cross sections as a function of transverse momentum and rapidity are presented. The forward–backward ratio for ϕ -meson production is measured for 2.96<|y|<3.532.96<|y|<3.53, resulting in a ratio ∼0.5 with no significant pTpT dependence within the uncertainties. The pTpT dependence of the ϕ nuclear modification factor RpPbRpPb exhibits an enhancement up to a factor 1.6 at pT=3–4 GeV/cpT=3–4 GeV/c in the Pb-going direction. The pTpT dependence of the ϕ -meson cross section in pp collisions at View the MathML sources=2.76 TeV, which is used to determine a reference for the p–Pb results, is also presented here for 1<pT<5 GeV/c1<pT<5 GeV/c and 2.5<y<42.5<y<4, for a 78±3 nb−178±3 nb−1 integrated luminosity sample.

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