Journal Article Quantum interference of two photons emitted from a luminescence center in GaAs:N

Ikezawa, Michio  ,  Zhang, Liao  ,  Sakuma, Yoshiki  ,  Masumoto, Yasuaki

110 ( 15 )  , p.152102 , 2017-04 , American Institute of Physics
The indistinguishability of photons emitted from a nitrogen luminescence center in GaAs is investigated by two-photon interference under nonresonant optical excitation. A clear dip is observed in a parallel polarization configuration for consecutively emitted two photons with a 2-ns time interval. The indistinguishability is approximately 0.24, and is found to be independent of the time interval between 2 ns and 4 ns. These results suggest the existence of a very fast dephasing mechanism within 2 ns.

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