Journal Article The small G protein Arf6 expressed in keratinocytes by HGF stimulation is a regulator for skin wound healing

Miura, Yuki  ,  Ngo Thai Bich, Van  ,  Furuya, Momoko  ,  Hasegawa, Hiroshi  ,  Takahashi, Satoru  ,  Katagiri, Naohiro  ,  Hongu, Tsunaki  ,  Funakoshi, Yuji  ,  Ohbayashi, Norihiko  ,  Kanaho, Yasunori

7p.46649 , 2017-04 , Nature Publishing Group
The earlier step of cutaneous wound healing process, re-epithelialization of the wounded skin, is triggered by a variety of growth factors. However, molecular mechanisms through which growth factors trigger skin wound healing are less understood. Here, we demonstrate that hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)/c-Met signaling-induced expression of the small G protein Arf6 mRNA in keratinocytes is essential for the skin wound healing. Arf6 mRNA expression was dramatically induced in keratinocytes at the wounded skin, which was specifically suppressed by the c-Met inhibitor. Wound healing of the skin was significantly delayed in keratinocyte-specific Arf6 conditional knockout mice. Furthermore, Arf6 deletion from keratinocytes remarkably suppressed HGF-stimulated cell migration and peripheral membrane ruffle formation, but did not affect skin morphology and proliferation/differentiation of keratinocytes. These results are consistent with the notion that Arf6 expressed in skin keratinocytes through the HGF/c-Met signaling pathway in response to skin wounding plays an important role in skin wound healing by regulating membrane dynamics-based motogenic cellular function of keratinocytes.

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