Journal Article Effect of Boron Incorporation on Slow Interface Traps in SiO2/4H-SiC Structures

OKAMOTO, Dai  ,  SOMETANI, Mitsuru  ,  HARADA, Shinsuke  ,  KOSUGI, Ryoji  ,  YONEZAWA, Yoshiyuki  ,  YANO, Hiroshi

2017pp.123 - 133 , 2017-01-30 , Springer Verlag
The reason for the effective removal of interface traps in SiO2/4H-SiC (0001) structures by boron (B) incorporation was investigated by employing low-temperature electrical measurements. Low-temperature capacitance–voltage and thermal dielectric relaxation current measurements revealed that the density of electrons captured in slow interface traps in B-incorporated oxide is lower than that in dry and NO-annealed oxides. These results suggest that near-interface traps can be removed by B incorporation, which is considered to be an important reason for the increase in the field-effect mobility of 4H-SiC metal–oxide–semiconductor devices. A model for the passivation mechanism is proposed that takes account of stress relaxation during thermal oxidation.

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