Journal Article Multilayer graphene on insulator formed by Co-induced layer exchange

Murata, Hiromasa  ,  Toko, Kaoru  ,  Suemasu, Takashi

56 ( 5S1 )  , p.05DE03 , 2017-02 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The direct synthesis of multilayer graphene (MLG) on arbitrary substrates is essential for incorporating carbon wirings and heat spreaders into electronic devices. Here, we applied the metal-induced layer exchange (MILE) technique, developed for group-IV semiconductors, to a sputtered amorphous carbon (a-C) thin film using Co as a catalyst. MLG was formed on a SiO2 substrate at 800 °C for 10 min; however, it disappeared during wet etching for removing Co. This behavior was attributed to the small contact area between MLG and SiO2 caused by the deformation of the Co layer during annealing. By preparing the Co layer at 200 °C, its thermal stability was improved, resulting in the synthesis of MLG on the substrate through MILE. Raman measurements indicated good crystal quality of the MLG compared with that obtained by conventional metal-induced solid-phase crystallization. MILE was thus proven to be useful not only for group-IV semiconductors but also for carbon materials on insulators.

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