Journal Article Hypergastrinemia and a duodenal ulcer caused by gastric duplication

Tanaka, Hideaki  ,  Masumoto, Kouji  ,  Sasaki, Takato  ,  Sakamoto, Naoya  ,  Gotoh, Chikashi  ,  Urita, Yasuhisa  ,  Shinkai, Toko  ,  Takayasu, Hajime  ,  Nakano, Noriyuki  ,  Noguchi, Masayuki  ,  Kudo, Toyoichiro

2p.75 , 2016-07 , Springer
BackgroundHypergastrinemia and the resultant peptic ulcer related to an enteric duplication has been quite rarely reported in the literature.Case presentationWe herein report the case of a 4-year-old girl who presented with hypergastrinemia and a duodenal ulcer at 2 years of age. She had been followed up with a proton pump inhibitor, which resulted in resolution of the ulcer; however, unexplained hypergastrinemia had continued. A cystic lesion at the antrum was discovered at 4 years of age, which we suspected to be a gastric duplication. After we resected the lesion, the hypergastrinemia resolved without recurrence of the duodenal ulcer. The histology was compatible with a gastric duplication, and the lumen was lined with antral mucosa that strongly stained positive for gastrin. We presumed that the antral mucosa inside the duplication in our case had no hydrogen ion feedback inhibition of gastrin release from gastrin cells and increased release of gastrin from the mucosa inside the duplication led to the duodenal ulcer. Only two cases have been reported in the literature that had hypergastrinemia related to enteric duplication.ConclusionGastric duplication should be included in the differential diagnosis of sustained hypergastrinemia in children.

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