Journal Article Quantum Adiabatic Pumping by Modulating Tunnel Phase in Quantum Dots

Taguchi, Masahiko  ,  Nakajima, Satoshi  ,  Kubo, Toshihiro  ,  Tokura, Yasuhiro

85 ( 8 )  , p.084704 , 2016-08 , The Physical Society of Japan , 日本物理学会
In a mesoscopic system, under zero bias voltage, a finite charge is transferred by quantum adiabatic pumping by adiabatically and periodically changing two or more control parameters. We obtained expressions for the pumped charge for a ring of three quantum dots (QDs) by choosing the magnetic flux penetrating the ring as one of the control parameters. We found that the pumped charge shows a steplike behavior with respect to the variance of the flux. The value of the step heights is not universal but depends on the trajectory of the control parameters. We discuss the physical origin of this behavior on the basis of the Fano resonant condition of the ring.

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