Journal Article Cognitive neuropsychological analysis of differential reading and spelling disorder mechanisms in a patient with aphasia

Hashimoto, Kosei  ,  Uno, Akira

22 ( 3 )  , pp.294 - 299 , 2016-06 , Taylor & Francis
The purpose of this study was to determine if differential reading and spelling mechanisms were involved in a Japanese patient with aphasia. In our case, the patient scored low on all of the administered reading tasks, suggesting that both the reading lexical and non-lexical routes were impaired. In contrast, his writing-to-dictation score for Kana nonwords was high, suggesting that the spelling non-lexical route was intact. However, the patient scored low on a writing-to-dictation task comprised of high-familiarity Kanji words. The spelling lexical route was thought to be impaired. Therefore, the mechanism(s) involved in reading and spelling may differ in this case.

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